The camp dates are May 10th-17th.  The days and activities are subject to change based on wind, weather and water conditions and you can do as much or as little as you desire. Details of activities and different areas that will be explored are listed below.

SUP 101

Whether you’re new to SUP or have some experience, we believe that a strong skills foundation is key to confidence and fun on the water. We’ll learn/refine stroke technique, moving around the board and self-rescue in the Pine Knolls Waterway system.  This three-mile canal weaves in out of the Pine Knoll neighborhoods, offering protective passage for watercraft.  This calm flatwater is the perfect setting for skills building and refining.  Beautiful homes and boats provide a great vista and the nooks and carnies of the meandering canal created a stage perfect for stroke clinics along the way.

 Carrot Island

Departing from the protective waters of Beaufort Paddle,  we head out for a three mile paddle exploring around Carrot Island, the home of the Rachel Carson Wild Horse Reserve.  Carrot Island sits directly across from the quaint coastal town of Beaufort, the third oldest town in the state where southern charm can be found not only in the homes but the people too. The island is home to 30 or more wild horses linking back to the Colonial Spanish Mustangs.  Not only will you paddle by them but there will be plenty of opportunity to explore on the island as well.   Rod, owner of Beaufort Paddle and a Crystal Coast guide expert will be providing our boat support for the week and for this trip.   Participants will have the option to hitch a ride or bow out early at any time.  

 Cape Lookout

No paved roads, no concession stands, no boathouse or bridges to surrounding islands, this is how a day at the beach should be. A three mile ferry ride to the clear blue green waters and white sand beaches of Cape Lookout and Shackleford is on the docket today!  Leatherback turtles,  pods of sting rays, dolphins and fish galore can be found in the “hook” guarded by the Cape Lookout lighthouse.  The protected nook of the hook makes for a perfect first time downwind run for our group. Starting at the end of the hook and ending in front of the lighthouse for a picnic lunch and swim is the first half of the day.  After lunch there is a  quick shuttle to Shackleford Island for some estuary paddling and wild horse sanctuary gazing.. Rod from Beaufort Paddle will provide boat support so there is no pressure – paddle as much or as little as you want!


Fishing gear is exciting and paddling with it on your board does make you seem badass, even if you don’t know how to use it.   But we have experts with us for the day to show us how.  Our fishing location is in a grassy estuary entrance on the Taylor’s Creek side of Carrot Island. Here we anchor and beach a few boards for our lesson on fishing, patience and giggles as we learn how to catch and release.  


Sunrise or sunset surf session may be possible depending on wave and wind forecast.

Fun Race

At the end of Camp Crystal Kai, there will be a fun, social race for all who want to participate. This will put your skills to the test, paddling down Taylor’s Creek in a fun competition with your fellow campers!

 Taylor’s Creek Tour/Historic Beaufort Tour

Leaving Beaufort Paddle we’ll paddle down Taylor’s Creek with the scenery of historic Beaufort to our left and the Rachel Carson Reserve to our right. We’ll meander through anchored boats, including some interesting private pirate ships! Our paddle takes us down to the Marina where the Crystal Kai SUP Cup starts and ends. After our paddle we’ll choose a place with a view in town to sit and have a snack/drink and relax.

 Sunrise Paddle

If the ocean is calm and the there is no wind we’ll take advantage of the conditions and head out our back door for a sunrise paddle from the beach. This is a magical time of day to be on the water and start the day off with some movement and the five elements of nature!

 SUP Yoga

Enjoy a challenging and rejuvenating yoga class on the water. Balance and play with the sky as the ceiling and the water as the floor of our yoga classroom. Find peace and letting go in floating relaxation pose. By the end of class your balance on the board will have improved and you’ll have smiled a lot 🙂

 Daily Yoga Class on the Beach

Stretch, strengthen and balance your body from all of the paddling throughout the week. Keep your body supple and your mind relaxed with a daily hour-long yoga class with Anna, author of Yoga for Paddling!